Archetipo fashion brunch

Archetipo fashion brunch

As many of you know, the word brunch comes from English and is given by the union of the words breakfast and lunch just because the meal in question is generally served between 10:00 and 12:00, then, halfway between breakfast and lunch.

The tradition of brunch comes mainly from the United States, where it has become a real trend, not only in everyday life, or in particular during the Sunday meal, when you get up later than usual and you don’t want to wait until lunch, but above all for parties and events, and in recent times also for ceremonies.
Its spread is mainly due to the convenience of a less formal meal of a breakfast or lunch together with the possibility of using a buffet, where it is possible to propose any type of food, from sweet to salty with the typical English or American breakfast made with bacon, eggs, ham and pancakes, to proposals and vast choices of roast meat, shrimp or smoked fish, until you get to fruit, cakes and ice creams of all kinds, pleasing every palate and taste.

If your wedding is in the morning the perfect proposal is undoubtedly that of the brunch, because it is an easy idea that appeals and gives the opportunity to combine taste (for which it is advisable to rely on creative chefs, able to mix different flavors in a creative and unusual way), location and aesthetic solutions, which obviously vary depending on personal tastes and the season of the year…

…are you wondering what could make it more magical and stylish?!
Obviously a suit of the Cleofe Finati by Archetipo collections, always unique and innovative and able to make any atmosphere more original and elegant, as well as to make the one who wear them as true icons of style, whether he is a “simple” guest or the protagonist of the wedding!

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