Archetipo at Palazzo Fortuny

Art has always been one of the key elements of Archetipo, so that most of the collections from the Maison are made after a deep and artistic search of inspiration.

This is therefore the reason why the Archetipo Team went to visit Palazzo Fortuny in Venice, in order to take inspiration from the woman in the early twentieth century, with the exaggerated makeup, the unconventional and eccentric performance and life over the top, was able to transform herself into a work of art and into a representation of modernity: Luisa Casati, “La Divina Marchesa”.

The impressive exhibition shows over a hundred paintings, sculptures, jewelry, clothing, photographs of the great artists of the time from international museums and collections, gathered in what was the house-atelier of Mariano Fortuny.

The exhibition leads through reconstructions to those who are artistic and social relationships that have gone through the life of Luisa Casati: from the gilded cage of high society to the meeting of love and friendship with Gabriele d’Annunzio from extravagance to disguises and the practice of the occult to get to the “futurist” period in which she met Filippo Tommaso Marinetti.

Three floors of Palazzo Fortuny are dedicated to this exposure, in order to take the visitor into the atmosphere in which “La Divina Marchesa” used to live, who for half a century was a true living legend, still capable of inspiring artists and the Maisons of high fashion.

For the Archetipo Team it was, therefore, a real journey of cultural, artistic and individual enrichment, that also confirmed how it is true that the best way to be remembered is that to break the rules and to be different and innovative, just as Archetipo does with its collections Cleofe Finati by Archetipo, always unique!

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