Archetipo 2015 Workshops

Archetipo 2015 Workshops

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In October and November the Archetipo Group is hosting the new international Workshops on Cleofe Finati by Archetipo 2015 collections, which are taking place at the company headquarters in Udine (Italy).

Since 1992 Archetipo is synonym with 100% Made-In-Italy haute couture in the men’s formalwear sector. Over time the company has become market leader, also thanks to the focus that the company puts on the distribution channels. Archetipo’s store network is highly selected in order to promote the “excellence” orientation that permeates every production phase: from the total-look design, to the procurement of certified-quality Italian materials, and the delivery of the garments in the hands of the final customer.

Starting in October and until the end of November, Archetipo will host its most important customers, along with the newly-acquired ones in Udine, where the company is based. Archetipo’s guests, coming from all over Italy and Europe, represent the leading bridal and formalwear stores in each country market. The business meetings and the training sessions will take place both at the company headquarters and in the wonderful halls of Palazzo Kechler, a beautiful historical location in the heart of the city of Udine.


Beside the general workshops, starting from this year Archetipo will offer specific training also to some smaller groups of salespeople: the best sellers of Archetipo’s “Gold” customers, who works in Europe’s most imporant stores. Three days to spend some good time together and professionally develop together.

Archetipo will also offer some fun moments for its guests, during which the international customers can get to know better the traditions and the typical wine and food of the Italian region Friuli-Venezia Giulia, where the company is located.

The idea of the workshops on the new Cleofe Finati collections was born inside the Archetipo group and has today a long tradition. By organizing these Workshops, Archetipo wants to offer its retailers an opportunity for enhancing their knowledge of the technical, stylistic and wearability characteristics of the new Cleofe Finati collections, but also for comparing the different sales experiences. Beyond strengthening their knowledge of the collections, the sales force can discover more about the history of the company and its organizational vision oriented to the Made-In-Italy values.

Every year Archetipo organizes between seven and ten two-day workshops at the company headquarters in Udine (Italy), and about fifty four-hour workshops all over the world, where the stores are located. Furthermore, Archetipo offers to the most skilled and talented sales assistants some additional individual training for examining in deeply the most important aspects of the selling process.

The Workshops on Cleofe Finati collections are a powerful tool that Archetipo offers to its sales force in order to sustain the customer orientation of the whole group. A sincere dialogue with its customers represents the foundation for building strong and long-lasting business relationship. Archetipo offers support to its stores in each phase of the sales and post-sales process, with the awareness that a “team” works better than a set of individuals. This customer-care orientation includes also the important moment of the training on the product, that is to say on the new men’s collections of the company.


This choice of investing on training proved strongly successful. Performance indicators of the Archetipo group bring evidence to this. The stores that share Archetipo’s same “philosophy of excellence” and operate with commitment and team spirit, do reach and exceed a 85% inventory turn ratio. This success is closely related to the evolution of the shopping experience, especially in the ceremony sector. Customers do not anymore look simply for a suit, they rather want to live an emotional shopping experience, which gives shape to the desires that every groom dreams about for his wedding. This was well understood and anticipated by Archetipo, which, thanks to the professionalism of its retailers, offers unique total looks to the grooms that want to be protagonist of their most special day.

To see all the photos of the 2015 Archetipo Workshops visit our Photogallery!

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