April Grooms in Cleofe Finati

April Grooms in Cleofe Finati

Gli sposi di aprile a firma cleofe finatiA classic line of Archeipo, elegant and refined, that of the suit bought by the groom Vincenzo Cuttano at Boutique Specchio, store Cleofe Finati by Archetipo in Cerignola (Foggia).

Let’s see in deep what’s about this suit. It’s a tight, a men’s outfit of remarkable elegance. It is the most formal apparel worn during the day. Etiquette dictates that the groom should wear a morning dress only if the bride wears a traditional white gown, including a veil and a long train; also, if the groom wears a morning dress, the bride’s male relatives should use the same outfit. The black jacket fits closely at the hips and has one button. It is cropped short at the waist and has two long cutaway tails hanging down to the calves. The gray cheviot wool trousers are herringbone striped (with a subtle pin striping), cut straight and come rigorously with no hem. The single-breasted silk wool satin waistcoat is pale gray. The shirt is made of silk crepe. The color of the wide silk cravat, an Ascot, will take back to the gray and black nuances of the dress. The “great classics” by Archetipo make a difference for the ultimate quality of their fabrics, the fit study which guarantees an impeccable silhouette, as well as for their careful manufacturing quality.

If you too are looking for the perfect suit count on the professionalism of Boutique Specchio and its staff!

Info: C.so Gramsci 37, 71042 Cerignola (FG)
Tel. e fax Donna 0885/425933
Tel. Uomo 0885840931

Email: boutiquespecchiodonna@gmail.com
Facebook: Specchio Uomo Donna

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