Ànemos 2018: the great success of the new collections by Cleofe Finati

Ànemos 2018: the great success of the new collections by Cleofe Finati

Also this year the Groom and Ceremony Collections by Cleofe Finati 2018 has been a huge success among the best international boutiques. The new wedding and ceremony collections have been officially presented at various stages, starting at Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week, then in the suggestive Milanese location of Terrazza Martini, until reaching the Dusseldorf Interbride Fair.

The theme presented for the groom and ceremony collection 2018 is Ànemos
“Ànemos is at the same time “breath” and “wind”, it is the vital and spiritual part of the individual, who lives and breathes, is the expression of the essence of a personality that is born between the spirit and the individual”
It is the age of the psyche which is at the same time Anapneîn, or breathing, and Anapsycho, or refrigero.

Cleofe Finati amazed the groom and ceremonial world, with suit designed as real flowers blooming, which generate interest and wonder in a mix of elements enclosed in high fashion man-made creations that awaken all senses, renewing the fashion industry for Groom and ceremony.

Also this year, the best boutiques in Europe, have been able to admire the groom and ceremony collections by Cleofe Finati at various European stages “on the road”, who cataloged the Maison as True Trendsetter in the groom and ceremony field!

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