Andrea Marcaccini wears a Cleofe Finati suit

Andrea Marcaccini wears a Cleofe Finati suit

Andrea Marcaccini wears a men’s wedding suit signed Cleofe Finati able to upset the allure typical for the gentleman style thanks to a Prince of Wales renewed by interpretative energy. Used already in the middle of the 19th Century by the English Crown for the production of outfits for the heirs to the throne, the Prince of Wales returns every year with a great rebound as a synonym par excellence of the contemporary chic, hanging in the balance between pure snobbery and casual convenience: a mixture of inspirations that live harmoniously together and find a wide promotion in men’s formal wear proposing a new reinterpretation through soft and refined nuances.
A fresh and sophisticated breath, a men’s wedding suit contemporary in the choice of lines and materials.

We observe the line of the groom suit that profiles the body and lends proportions to a single-breasted three-button jacket enhanced by a peak lapel collar: the shoulder is snug and the armhole is high with a lean sleeve enriched by four buttons at the bottom with open eyelets, while the back is rendered slender by a classical central slit.

A marvellous fit outlines the proportions of the body in an expression of absolute elegance thanks to a stunning 100% silk Prince of Wales characterised by a firm and compact hand thanks to a particular binding of the weft and the four ply yarn. Men’s formal wear made in Prince of Wales with soft and delicate nuances with a strong added value thanks to the insertion of a double white and sand-coloured warp woven with cornflower blue and grey for a wonderful groom suit in sky blue Prince of Wales windowed by sand-coloured hues matched to trousers with a lean and slender line in sand-coloured Prince of Wales windowed by sky blue hues with an internal band inserted back matched to the groom jacket.
The excellence of men’s wedding outfits 100% made in Italy appears in the finishings and proposes a printed lining in the hues of 2018 trends that, through the “pied de feuille” pattern exclusively made for Cleofe Finati tells a story. Ancient masculine patterns like the “pied de poule” (houndstooth) belonging to the 19th century Scotland, that contain the figure of a stylised leaf, symbol par excellence of growth, fertility and renewal, to reveal a deeper and concealed soul reflected by the acanthus leaf, acanthòs also called spiny flower. The Greek mythology tells about Apollo, god of Sun, in love with the nymph Acantha enough to transform her into a plant “loved by the Sun”.

“Pied de feuille” lets read inside itself the figure of the nymph Acantha transformed into an acanthus leaf turned forever towards the sun. It symbolises the metamorphosis accomplished through the falling in love, the way towards consciousness of a new self that we don’t know yet. It symbolises big and small gestures that we are ready to accomplish for love, astounding ourselves by what we are able to give and allow us: to love.
Men’s formal wear accurately finished off in the choice of groom accessories: a pair of blue, cream and mud-coloured patent leather shoes able to resume perfectly the hues of the men’s wedding suit, matched to a flat cap in 100% silk sand-coloured brocade surprised by a checked medallion fantasy, the same as the one we find on the tie.
A men’s wedding outfit created for a groom who wants to be always impeccable during his wedding day and proposes a dandy double bow tie in the same matching of fabrics as the tie for a more relaxed look.
A refined and elegant, but at the same time eccentric and innovative men’s wedding suit, dedicated to the groom who lives the search for beauty as a pleasant obsession.

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