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What an exclusive preview for the readers of the Archetipo Blog! Today we want to present you all the news about Cleofe Finati by Archetipo 2015 New Collections which will be officially presented from May 23rd to 26th in Milan during Sposaitalia Collezioni.

Cleofe Finati by Archetipo 2015 Collections will satisfy the appetite for fresh fashion ideas of a generation that seeks the new and the innovative. They don’t like to play games by the rules. They opt for free spirited fashion experiences, intuitive trends and interactive textiles – rich and intense and, at the same time, simple, immediate and direct. Tomorrow’s Cleofe Finati by Archetipo textiles trespasses the borders between natural and man-made, craft and technology and open up the gates towards freedom of creation. Cleofe Finati by Archetipo opts for an optimistic fashion future with boundless opportunities for creativity!

cleofe finati by archetipo 2015 collection fabric 1

Simplicity and complexity, inspiration and creativity are boosted by a careful examination of vintage textiles from around the world. Jacquards will become larger in scale and more abstract, while the desire for a return to craftsmanship will mean that select industrially produced textiles will have a hand-woven look. Combining complex weave techniques, contemporary finishing processes and new fancy yarns, Cleofe Finati by Archetipo adds freshness and excitement.


Natural hues, characterised by dusty pastels, earthy reds, drained sepia and watery blues soften precise cuts. Even the city is subject to the elements absorbing its textures and reflecting its colours and light. Nature confronts the civilised world as softer styling that mimics ancient crafts is infused with masculine modernity. Contradiction reigns, yet there is a move toward co-existence and parity.

The world is currently in a state of imbalance. One the one hand, tried-andtested systems are breaking down. On the other, a great deal of energy is being released by new scientific insights and technological developments. The sky is no longer the limit and this generates much creativity. Furthermore, life continues in various dimension and at different speeds. Sometimes we want to slow down and focus, look inwards and concentrate. In some instances, we would like to experience everything real time, both digitally and in the analogue world.


The greatest challenge for eveyone and everything is to find a balance between these extremes so that, as is the case with Newton’s pendulum, we can constantly remain in motion through the power of the counterweight. As human beings, we are constantly trying to find our balance in this new reality. We try to keep going and make the correct choices. We’re searching for a human dimension as counterbalance to the new virtual and technological dominance. And it is interesting to see that specific and archetypal human needs currently form the most important consumer motives.

The consumer is becoming cons-human. We identify a strong need for calm, absorption and contemplation, a longing for light-heartedness, pleasure and optimism,and a strong desire for cohesion and connectedness with each other and with nature.

We long for clarity, a blank page and transparency – but also to be anonymous every now and then, to be absent from the internet. Silence has become a product. After we have connected with ourselves through contemplation, we start looking for togetherness with family, extended family or trusted members of the community. We unite with others to reach a certain goal, share and swap, instead of buying and producing waste. The analogue and the everyday provide us with security and act as counterbalances to technological, virtual and digital forces. We are also seeing a trend for exploring boundaries and investigating the new possibilities and technologies created through this exponential phase of science, technology and creativity.

cleofe finati by archetipo 2015 collection fabric MANI

Consumer lifestyle trends mirror these needs as well as the motion of Newton’s pendulum: for each trend there is a counterweight, and we see a complimentary development. So from introvert, silent and tranquil (contemplation) we move to extrovert and energetically optimistic (lightness). This state reflects our longing for the inner smile, childlike simplicity and the small, surprising experience.

In order to deal with a confronting and stagnating reality, we sometimes desire light heartedness, joy and fun – making life a bit more beautiful and adding colour to our daily experiences. Being playful allows people to temporarily forget the big issues of the day. From familiar, analogue and nearby (togetherness and reconnect to the source) to the unknown and otherworldly (next level) that reflects the fascination for the unprecedented, the unknown and the seemingly impossible.

Driven by curiosity, creativity and new possibilities, we design beyond imagination.
The sky is no longer the limit. Be inspired!

cleofe finati by archetipo 2015 collection eye

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