Alexandre Schuster wears the “Trandiscipindary” suit by Cleofe Finati

Alexandre Schuster wears the “Trandiscipindary” suit by Cleofe Finati

Alexandre Schuster wears the Cleofe Finati “Trandiscipindary” suit during the fashion show.

We enter the surreal dimension of an enchanted world made up of innovative materials with a magnetic texture. A new romantic style that overturns the aesthetic rules of this classic tail coat through surprising innovative fabrics with a volume texture of roses decorated by delicate polka dots.
Tailoring of curved and modern clean lines in an innovative cut with dandy features, where masculine and feminine are mixed and leave room for true works of art rendered wedding clothes. In this manner fashion reflects feminine fluidity and masculine rigour.
Curved and incisive lines form the single-breasted jacket with three buttons closed only from the second, emphasised by an elegant high stiff collar to be worn up or folded back to the lapels, with inside collar, lapel facing, breast pocket, flaps and inside wrists produced to contrast. The armhole is high and the sleeve is plain with open sleeve placket where perfectly matched cufflinks are glimpsed.
We note the curved rounded line that forms the jacket front and opens up at the bottom near the pockets to reveal a waistcoat with burgundy pigments. And we observe the five vertical cuts that form and sculpt the back, giving a sense of verticality that proportions the figure and renders it lean. The two central cuts highlighted by two buttons at the waist become flaps with hidden buttons, lending emphasis to the walking movement.
We admire the poetry of the jacket fabric and slim trousers, a 100% rock grey silk brocade, which through shades of warp and weft form roses, a symbol of amore par excellence, interrupted by the addition of tone on tone polka dots with a lance effect. We note how the purple variant of the fabric on the decorations of the jacket enhances the grey pigments, for a fresh and contemporary style, being absolutely new romantic.
A ceremonial suit that reveals unexpected details that we read through the gold plated buttons and vivid purple enamelled cufflinks that reveal a small scarab crowned by flowers and rose buds. Source of life and creativity, of virility and renewal, the scarab becomes a talisman that accompanies us and brings us luck.
Opening the jacket we note the same purple background of the inside lapel facings which form the waistcoat interrupted by vivid purple roses with wisteria polka dots, 100% silk, matched to a double ascot that develops the brocade itself of the waistcoat against red and magenta backgrounds knotted by rock grey and magenta backgrounds.
Let’s fall in love with the shirt made of silk satin (51%) and white cotton (49%) and its brilliance enhanced by the decorations on the inside wrists and on the inside of an elegant black tie collar perfectly matched to the lapels of the jacket and decorated with buttons and cufflinks.
A dynamic wedding suit that is transformed thanks to the versatility of the shirt collar and the jacket lapels, to be worn up to emphasise the figure or turned back, revealing the silk brocade itself.
Waist belt and suspenders introduce another palette colour with umber backgrounds decorated by a grey Jacquard design interrupted with white polka dots.
The two pocketchiefs lend a romantic touch with cream white 100% silk satin, upon which we will sculpt a white rose, crowned by a second pocketchief in purple red brocade, interrupted by grey roses and white polka dots.
The ceremony look is completed with a dandy spirit – a demi hat in red 100% silk satin with a wrap of purple and vivid violet brocade, matched to patent leather shoes in three colours, able to summarise perfectly the colours of the suit.
True poetry written with style and elegance, a suit that enchants and reveals more and more details while you look closer and observe this rare beauty, a leading groom, a modern prince in new romantic style created exclusively for Cleofe Finati Ceremony line by Archetipo.

Here the Alexandre Schuster’s interview

  • Tell me something you would like to change: Nothing
  • Describe yourself in 3 words: Funny, spontaneous, crazy
  • Who inspires you? Myself, hahaah just kidding!
  • Your must have? A comb, to brush my beard!
  • Your favourite fragrance? Acqua di parma

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