“Aimant” celebrates the women’s day

“Aimant” celebrates the women’s day

The 8th of March is the women’s day, a day of celebration for women who managed with strength and courage to get the same rights as men, then equality of the sexes, equality at work and so on.

Cleofe Finati Limited Edition





Cleofe Finati celebrates this day with “Aimant” the Limited Edition suit by Cleofe Finati, which was able to wonder and therefore to collect a huge success among the best buyers, who perfectly interpreted and understood the value and the exclusivity that lie behind the idea of creating real works of art in order to elevate the name of their stores worldwide.

A suit inspired to a Dandy, with a revisited and reinvented tailcoat in a modern and fashion key, accompanied by plastron which makes the total look elegant and sophisticated. A true work of art made in the form of suit, with anthracite gray shades put in contrast to bright red shades: it is the combination of warm and cool colors, seen as two opposite souls, that if mixed and combined, become absolute perfection.
The fabric of the gray jacket is the negative of the fabric of the bright red vest, it refers to the positive and negative as if we are referring to two magnets, two opposite extremes, that attract themselves and remain united in an unbreakable link, like the one of true and eternal love.
To complete the art of the suit is the flower, emblematic symbol of the collections Cleofe Finati 2017, showing a ungender style, where the masculine force reflect the feminine fluidity.

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