A special date for a special Birthday

Year 1963. On December the 31st then year was approaching its end, just when a new life was coming into the world. Who is the baby girl is the pictures?

For us in Archetipo Team she is our irreplaceable buyer, a reference colleague and a hard worker. For the younger employees she is an example of professionalism, always ready to offer a hand if you need help, and as much ready to celebrate the daily achievements of Archetipo Group.

Generally for all the lucky ones who know her in person, she is an triumph of vitality, thanks to the strength of her passions and her love for Art which liven up her feeling and actions.

We feel extremely fortunate for having her in our Team and we want to wish our colleague Cristina the happiest of Birthdays! And today wishing her a successful 2014 comes natural too!

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