A look at 2016

“Any fool with intelligence can make things bigger and more complex.
It takes a touch of genius and a lot of courage to move in the opposite direction.”
E.F. Schumacher

The search of pleasure: this is the key theme of the man’s ceremony collection 2016 Cleofe Finati by Archetipo.
The basic ingredients for happiness are here, around us and they take shape in subjects and objects to which we feel emotionally, spiritually and physically linked. The Creations Cleofe Finati by Archetipo of the season 2016 are part of the world eudonemonistico (eudaimonia is happiness) that surrounds us and become a means for individual achievement toward which all of us tend.

While waiting for the official presentation of the new groom’s collections Cleofe Finati by Archetipo, which will be held on May 2015 at Si Sposaitalia, here there is a preview of some fashion&textile trends for summer 2016.


“The color tells universal stories without the use of words”, says O. Van Niekerk.

Speaking of colors, 2016 will be led by furiously worked blue: experiments, games and assemblies of indigo represent the essence of a new season, where decorations and sprayed of “stardust “ have the upper hand.

Scrapbooks, books, stickers and random collage hanging in the rooms of teenagers, are an inspiration to bold designs, prints, and hardware inserts, where aesthetic “copy-and-paste”, simple and no drawings, make the tissues of the new collections pulsing and captivating.

The spirit of Miami playboy will express itself in the 2016 collection, in jacquard peach, accompanied by veiled fabrics for shirts and posters with birds of paradise: a fun and frivolous style, with animal prints and zoomorphic tropical atmospheres that combines in a pop dandy spirit, also presented in the man’s ceremony collection.

Normality is nowadays an overrated and exceeded concept.
Cleofe Finati by Archetipo offers quality fabrics and artistic narrative for the 2016 collection, showing martian-like landscapes and Japanese scenes, refined with nuances and shades of watercolors, going through the surprising strength of the Victorian world of books, up to the brightly colored world of fairy tales, evoking the atmosphere of the “once upon a time” for the most important day of our lives: that of wedding.

cleofe finati by archetipo 2016 collections preview trend fashion formal wear textile


The speed of nowadays technological innovations is exciting and challenging, but it is changing the way we live and perceive the world: things have become less tangible and outside of our control.

Our idea of ​​progress is in crisis and we realize that the development that should make life better -for the Earth and for all of us- must necessarily steer. Progress towards a digital future is unstoppable, but it doesn’t show the end of the physical products, but their new beginning!

Let’s love the alive products, showing traces of time and the hand of those who produced them. This is the absolute return to the Made ​​in Italy and to the technical finish of the garments that become timeless values ​​and increasingly shared.

The mix of fabrics and materials makes surfaces extra tactile and invites us to touch, “feel” and explore. The advent of the new digital production announces a range of new products and experiences in which physical products come to life and are influenced by our experiences in the digital world.

It’s the dawn of a new era in which new design principles oscillate between the physical and the elusive, in which optical illusions play with our imagination. What do you see…feel…experience?

The virtual world and the physical one are combining themselves and the effects of this mix transcends the physical and physiological rules that govern our senses.

cleofe finati by archetipo 2016 collections preview trend fashion formal wear textile


The power of a smile is immense: when we overloaded with information and our brain goes into emergency mode just the things that make us smile can give us a feeling of pleasure and happiness.
So, continue to be so simple and playful and to seek the pleasures that will lead to a spontaneous and authentic happiness.

Let’s move, play, dance! Nureyev is the man of the moment, into a season in which sportswear is raised to the height of fashion. The dance adds aesthetic to the athletics. The 2016 signed by Cleofe Finati by Archetipo looks to the athletic-chic where physical performance meets fashion in the city, in a sober color palette with sudden bursts of liveliness.

The future is an era that has already knocked on our door, we are living in a time that once could only be imagined and we experience things we once thought were beyond the dictates of reality.
Archetipo with the Cleofe Finati collections 2016 wants to test, to explore and to share its ideas about the future, which is revealed for what it really is: a scenario full of endless possibilities for each of us.

Let’s open our eyes to an alien perspective: nothing makes sense and we can see the world as we have never seen it before: a world where everything is possible and nothing is a must!

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