A Guide to Man Bags

A Guide to Man Bags

There are many types of bags for men, sometimes you can feel lost choosing the perfect model, then, if you want to buy a new bag, here are four models that I recommend as versatile, long-lasting investments for your commute to the office or simply to add that extra touch to your daily outfit.

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The slim brief
Stylish and slim, fit for man who loves to bring the essential: A laptop, a book, a magazine, a notepad, a pair of headphones, a place for his house keys. That’s all this man needs to make it from his office at home to his office at work.

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The Tote Bag
For the man with a slightly heavier carry, and slightly more casual attire. Not only trendy, but also spacious, a tote bag and an accessory that every man should own, because fashionable and perfect for any eventuality, whether it be work, travel or leisure.

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The Document Case
For the super modern and minimalist man; the man who carries nothing but electronics. Laptop and/or ipad and, if you need maybe even a pen and notepad in case something hits you and all your batteries are dead, always looking very glam and stylish.

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The Backpack
Perfect for the man who likes to be casual. Practical and very stylish, it’s the new fashion accessory to show off at all seasons that yes door on both shoulders and that contains, in it all you need, because great for work and school, practical for shopping, glam for aperitif or to walk downtown.

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