6 must have for this summer

Summer is the most awaited season of the year, probably because it means sunny days, beach, holidays, sunshine and relax.
Sometimes, however, summer, as well as other seasons, takes people wondering “what to wear in order to appear with style”? To solve this dilemma, here there’s a list of 6 garment and timeless accessories that will make your summer’s outfits iconic and never predictable!

The White Linen Shirt
Lightweight, fresh and a timeless must have: the White Linen Shirt is not a garment to be worn only with a tie and a jacket, but on contrary it is the garment that absolutely must be in your suitcase for your holiday because it perfectly fits any look and mood, whether it’s a dinner, an aperitif in the evening at the beach or a romantic walk along the waterfront.

Chino Shorts
There’s nothing more comfortable and unavoidable in the wardrobe of a man, because during summer days, especially the warmer ones, you know, the good old jeans and trousers remain in the closet, and give space to bare legs!

Swim Shorts
Between the surfer short and its opposite version, the slip, the favorite one is always the middle way, which is the classic Swim Shorts: perfect to appear in style in the morning at the swimming pool, or in the evening combined with the white linen shirt for the aperitif on the beach. The favorite colors are blue, black or dark green, unless you want to have fun with unique and colorful fantasies.

I had already spoken about it here, but as “shoes addicted” i’m happy to return on this topic: one of the four footwear styles every man should own is undoubtedly a pair of loefers. Lightweight, comfortable and unique in style, the loafers are comfortable with any look, be it casual or sophisticated.

The Polo Shirt
How anticipated here, white is the color of summer, that used on a Polo Shirt gives a fresh and very cool look. I personally believe that the the polo shirt follows the rule of “less is more” and I always opt for clear colours. White always remains my favourite one!

Last but not least, sunglasses, which are and will forever remain a summer essential, for both practical and aesthetic reasons. Read more here

If you don’t already own all of these, it’s time you add them to your shopping list!

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