“What are you doing on New Year’s Eve?” is the most popular question of the moment.

And since nobody really wants to get it wrong, here are some tips that will allow you to enjoy the evening you have planned to the fullest.

Look for a New Year’s Eve in the mountains
Whether yours is a sporty style, or on the contrary, a more traditional style, don’t worry; here are two proposals that will please both tastes:

  1. Outfit with jumper and chino trousers: if you think jeans are an item that should stay out of the outfit proposals for new year’s eve,
    try for an American pocket chino trouser with chevron print and combine it with a jumper
    melange-grey crew-neck sweater with contrasting patches; to give the whole outfit a boost,
    add also a 100% leather ankle boot and a quilted blazer with pocket gilet effect.
  2. Outfit with jeans base: jeans, low boots with fringe and checked shirt or, if the context is informal, polo shirt.
    Here is the perfect look if you are a man who decides to spend New Year’s Eve
    in a mountain hut.
    As far as colours are concerned, give red a special place.
    protagonist of the evening. Then, if you want your look to be unbeatable, pair it with a
    blue outfit.





New Year’s Eve at the disco
If you decide to spend New Year’s Eve in a disco or at a super trendy party, it is clear that a party soul is burning inside you.
In this case, a special relevance within your look is given by the shirt: choose a white one with contrasting details and match it with a jacket that matches the shirt’s pattern.
Since it will be a rather lively evening, wear flat shoes as well.
To give the look an extra edge, the advice is to choose one with fringe.

Elegant New Year’s Eve
Surely, if you also prioritise elegance on New Year’s Eve, you are a man who knows the key pieces of the elegant male look. Good, because it is precisely these pieces that you need to make the most of:

  • the shirt (obviously): leave the traditional ‘office’ colour shirt in your wardrobe and indulge
    yourself with a shirt in a contrasting armoured fabric.
  • waistcoat (optional): compulsory with a tailored cut.
  • single-breasted jacket.

If you want, you can enhance your stylish look by playing with your choice of accessories: tie, bow tie, clutch bag, brogues and patterned socks.
As for the choice of colours, you can opt for traditional ones such as midnight blue, black or grey. Or stand out more by opting for a suit in shades of flamed red.

Ceremonial dress rosso

Ceremonial dress blue

Ceremonial dress black

Ceremonial dress night blue

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