On 4 October at the Udine Fashion Night, an evening dedicated to haute couture, we witnessed the triumph of Cleofe Finati who, together with 8 other brands, put its proposals on the catwalk, dazzling the audience.

The garments on the catwalk once again reaffirmed the truth about how much the sense of elegance, refinement and aesthetics is linked to craftsmanship and attention to detail. Cleofe Finati therefore demonstrated how its strategic line is indeed a winner. In fact, the garments proposed adapt to the needs of every groom, or man in search of a refined, tasteful product, capable of adapting to the different archetypes in which a man can reflect himself.

Making this wonderful moment even more magical was the performance by violinist Pierpaolo Foti, who, sporting one of the brand’s creations, created a warm and enveloping atmosphere through the melody of his violin.

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