Men’s suit model 9.C16005-1 b67 fabric 934 C005/02


Fashion Line avant garde
Inspiration: Fushion
Jacket lenght 67 cm





When the world of art meets fashion, it manifests in a triumph of shapes, colors and geometries that create a dialogue completely new, thought to emotion. A contamination between two essences, fashion and art, separate but complimentary souls that meet to give us a man groom suit that goes beyonf the idea of man fashion.

Man groom fashion made of fabrics born in our factory and inspired by the pieces “All of tremble” by Anri Sala and “Quickening” by Kiki Smith, both at the Venice Biennale 2017. Amet, the embrace, well matches with the piece “All of tremble”: a place of meetings of cultires and contrasts; the piece is made of two machines: a roll to print wallpaper designs and a carillo machine, thet interprets the different personalities of the printed patterns on the paper transforming the sound in image and vice versa. The roll machine, instrument of automization is applied manually creating small variations in the prints, suggesting a reflexion on automization and the importance of manual labor. Two musics, one on occidental scale and one on indonesian, alternate to strenghten the idea of meeting of distant worlds. Read the poetry in the Sala’s piece summarized in two serial jacquard, white on nattè background, two drawings that recreate the graphisms of the piece: the first like geometrical bars that intertwine, dedicate to the jacket and waistband, while the second like points reveals through the waistcoat.

In the man wedding suit, observe how the pockets, inside neck and piping inside the jacket and the slim trousers, give breath to the two jacuard designs with their false united eddect thanks to the 100% silk armour. Read now the strucutre of the man groom suit: single breasted jacket with three buttons, a sinoous line that defines the high neck and closed by a diagonal pence. The sleeve ride is high and the sleeve dry from which appeart the cufflinks. Observe the sweet line of the man groom suit opening at the height of the pockets to reveal waistcoat. Now observe the vertical suts that draw and sculpt the back giving it a sense of verticality that slender the figure.

A man groom suit finished by a folder exclusively signed Cleofe Finati that reveals the drawing “spiral of souls”: a thin trait blush color brightened by the strenght of the red on night blue background, drawing born in our style factory that tells the awakening of energy, the cicles and the movement of souls in the creation of the world.

Man groom suit that breath art and proposes patterns interpreted in freedom in serial preciois yarns or that reveal through the floral prints, it is here that we read the beauty of the piece by Kiki Smith, through the sublimation of the prints in the man groom suit. Delicate printed flowers on rice paper, that beling to the piece transform and become an allover floral pattern, we observe it over print the jacquard waistcoat, 100% silk.

Fall in love with the particularity of the satin shirt, 100% silk, white milk, a calm tidiness that hides the buttons with its cover and amazes us revealing the floral print inspired by Kiki Smith on the back, inside wrists, internal piping, and below the neck and gifts us the chance of shocking and getting different looks during the wedding.

Man groom suit impeccable for every occasion thanks to the double accessory fot the neck that allows to substitute the double plastron with a dandy double papillon, both made in satin, 100% silk, perfectly matching the waistband and the braces.

Romantic touch created by the double pochette that matches the shirt with its satin, 100% silk, awakened in its print variant.

Man groom suit detaiules by pins, buttons and cufflinks that become jewels, we observe insert a micro fantasy pied de poule and brighten the palette with their magenta polish.

Man groom suit finished in the shint as in the Twenties by a “Manet”hat embellished by a band matching the jacquard drawing of the waistcoat, a walking stick in wood and a pair of striped shoes in leather.

Man groom suit in perfect balance with ancient sartorial tradition and creativity, dedicated to the man who wanfoggiando diversi look.ts to unveil slowly and have different looks.

Man wedding suit that tells a poem by Cleofe Finati.


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