Limited Edition

Men’s suit BLOW

Luxury glamour men’s suit midnight blue ecru 100% made in Italy

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Glamorous luxury men’s suit/formal outfit Limited Edition luxury line that profiles your body with a three-button single-breast, closed mandarin collar with high peak collar line, made of precious silk brocade on midnight blue and ecru nuances, 100% made in Italy. Wonderful in its total look.


Available sizes:46 – 48 – 50 – 52 – 54 – 56 – 58

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Observe the beauty of this formal men’s suit from the Luxury collection Limited Edition signed by Cleofe Finati, pure magic on your body.

Anemos is the essence of the Cleofe Finati fashion collections, a substantial unity between body and soul that designs sophisticated and chic formal outfits.

It is the era of the psyche, which is at the same time Anapneîn, breath, and Anapsycho, coolness.

Breath, from the Greek “ànemos”, wind, spiritual and eternal soul, consciousness and personality of the human being, synonymous with spirit, which continues to live beyond death.

Formal men’ suit that tells a story through the “soufle lace” design born in our forge, exclusively designed by Cleofe Finati.

“Soufle lace” reveals the experience of all past existences summarized in a single soul, a woven brocade of ancient and modern meanings surprised by a breath of lace in a wedding suit that tells the story of the paisley pattern of the ancient Mesopotamia, through the representation of the bud of the date palm, the Tree of Life that gave nourishment and protection, a metaphor of perpetual regeneration and existence in its most dynamic sense.

Admire on your body this single-breasted jacket with three buttons to be closed only from the second, enhanced by an elegant closed mandarin collar with high peak collar line to be worn up or with folded down.

Notice now the beauty of the narrow shoulder, the high armhole and the lean sleeve with open placket revealing the precious perfectly matched cufflinks.

And now observe the five vertical cuts that profile and sculpt your back, lending a sense of vertical structure that gives proportion to the figure and makes it slender. The two central cuts highlighted by two buttons at the waist become flaps with concealed buttoning, giving emphasis and movement to the walking.

Immerse yourself in the beauty of the design through the subtle weaving of the 100% silk brocade with ecru design on dense satin backdrops made of 100% midnight blue silk of the men’s formal suit emphasized by the variant that reveals a shaded design on the inner collar and placket, flap pockets, breast pocket and inner wrist.

Wear the trousers, with a slim line without darts, sleek and lean, with double-threaded pockets, made in the wonderful 100% silk midnight blue brocade of the applications of the jacket and look how it gives prominence to the brocade of the jacket itself, which we also find in the inner straps of the trousers. See how it perfectly slims your figure.

Now wear your waistcoat and admire yourself, it is beautiful on your body, with its precious midnight blue silk brocade perfectly matched with the trousers. A true work of art imprinted on the fabric.

You can wear it for every occasion, in particular the Cleofe Finati waistcoat is beautiful also without a jacket.

You’ll be perfect in every occasion, Cleofe Finati has customized your suit with a wonderful neck accessory.

A double Ascot sand-coloured in 100% silk satin knotted by brocade in a midnight blue tone with a pearl grey pattern.

Now let yourself be enveloped by the sophisticated shirt in 100% silk milk white satin, admire the regality given by the diplomatic collar and the refinement of inner collar, inner wrists and concealed buttoning in the same midnight blue brocade of the waistcoat, trousers and suspenders.

Fall in love with the waist belt in 100% silk brocade midnight blue tone on tone, which creates an effect of depth between waistcoat and trousers.

The shoes dedicated to this creation are an essential jewel for this wonderful man’s formal outfit. The best choice for all luxury clothes is to wear glamorous shoes, which can be reused on any outfit.

Men’s lace-up shoes in three colours, 100% made in Italy calf leather.

To complete this true work of art, wear a “demi” top hat in midnight blue brocade, tone on tone lit by the sand and pearl brocade of the band and a precious walking stick with stem in light wood and customized stud, which gives a sense of regality to the elegance of your bearing.

Your suit is a work of art, as a Limited Edition only fifteen of them are produced worldwide. Inside the placket you will find the embroidered number that personalizes your Limited Edition.

Pay attention, no more than fifteen of these suits can be made.



Purchasable separately

Men's suit BLOW by Cleofe Finati

model 127805

Men’s jacket BLOW

Glamour luxury men's suit jacket single-breasted fashion line Limited Edition for any occasion, also after the wedding ceremony, made in very precious silk brocade 100% made in Italy, midnight blue and ecru. You can also reinterpret it on jeans.

€ 3.169,00

Men's suit BLOW by Cleofe Finati

model 127806

Men’s trousers BLOW

Glamour men's suit trousers luxury fashion line Limited Edition for any occasion made of silk midnight blue brocade 100% made in Italy.

€ 832,00

Men's suit BLOW by Cleofe Finati

model 127807

Men’s waistcoat vest BLOW

Glamour waistcoat in 100% made in Italy silk brocade for a luxury man’s suit, Limited Edition, which completes the stylistic work of the BLOW suit, but also to be worn alone, on a beautiful summer evening.

€ 649,00

Men's suit BLOW by Cleofe Finati

model 127815

Men’s shirt BLOW

Shirt for glamour men’s suit in silk milk white satin fashion line Limited Edition, slim with inner collar, inner wrists and button cover in contrast with a silk brocade 100% made in Italy, to be worn in an alternative way also outside the trousers.

€ 745,00

Men’s Ascot BLOW by Cleofe Finati

model 127814

Men’s Ascot BLOW

Double Ascot for a glamorous men’s suit Limited Edition 100% made in Italy in midnight blue brocade with pearl grey patterns and shiny sand silk satin, to be worn outside as a tie or untied as an Ascot.

€ 188,00

Men's bow tie BLOW by Cleofe Finati

model 127825

Men’s bow tie BLOW

Dandy double bow tie Limited Edition for a glamorous men's suit 100% made in Italy in two precious fabrics, both in 100% silk that weave midnight blue, pearl grey and golden sand notes, to wear instead of the Ascot for a dandier look.

€ 123,00

Men's suit BLOW by Cleofe Finati

model 127818

Men’s suspenders BLOW

Suspenders Limited Edition in silk brocade on midnight blue and notes for glamour men’s suit with leather ends and clips 100% made in Italy, adjustable in length. Silk suspenders are synonymous with great elegance.

€ 329,00

Men's suit BLOW by Cleofe Finati

model 127816

Men’s fabric belt BLOW

Belt for glamour luxury men’s suit Limited Edition weaving deep midnight blue notes in a 100% made in Italy brocade. The band profiles the waistline emphasising the groom's body.

€ 164,00

Men's suit BLOW by Cleofe Finati

model 127817

Men’s double pocketchief BLOW

Double pocketchief for groom, one pocketchief in golden sand satin and one in shining ivory satin, both in 100% silk. Light and colour to complete a total look that becomes magic.

€ 94,00

Men's suit BLOW by Cleofe Finati

model 127826

Men’s shoes BLOW

Laced men's shoes glamour in varnished calf leather, two colours, midnight blue and grey.

The calf leather used has a lacquered paint finish which makes the colours undefined and matchable to any fabric colour.

€ 395,00

Men's hat BLOW by Cleofe Finati

model 127827

Men’s hat BLOW

Demi top hat Limited Edition for a glamorous man covered with the fabric of the suit, a precious silk brocade midnight blue with elegant shaded patterns and band in brocade with pearl grey patterns, handmade, 100% made in Italy.

€ 602,00

Men's suit BLOW by Cleofe Finati

model 127828

Men’s walking stick BLOW

Men’s walking stick glamour dandy jewel with light wood stem and metal handle embellished with a matching small circular stud in blue enamel.

€ 380,00

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