Hand-painted cream Korean line groom suit

Hand-painted cream Korean line groom suit

Cleofe Finati Grand Classics Line
INSPIRATION...late 19th to early 20th century - Dandy

The painting of Britta Marakatt-Labba, which serves as inspiration, is a visual poem drawing from the rich culture, identity, and history of the Sami people.

Through captivating textile works, her art intertwines traditional design and Sami techniques with contemporary innovation. In a poetic manner, she explores the connection between past and present, creating a visual dialogue that celebrates the depth and beauty of Sami cultural heritage. In the kaleidoscope of humanity, Cleofe Finati weaves a precious thread connecting the past to the present. As a guardian of small and ancient cultures, the maison captures the essence of forgotten traditions, breathing new life into its creations.

The Suit

This particular suit becomes a woven poem, rich in history and meaning, where details resonate with the delicate tale of origins. Through its marvelous creations, Cleofe Finati stands as a custodian of cultural heritage, paying homage to roots with a touch of timeless elegance. In every fold, in the fabric weaves, lies the wisdom to preserve the unique nuances that make smaller, ancient cultures extraordinary.

The men’s suit we present is an ode to artistic fusion, a tribute to Britta Marakatt-Labba’s work, “More Embroidered Stories.” Here, Cleofe Finati’s tailoring mastery becomes a living canvas, where parts inspired by Marakatt-Labba’s work are hand-painted with precision and dedication on the shirt and vest.

The vest, like a journey of woven stories, embodies cultural roots with details that blossom like fragments of memory. Color shades come to life on fabrics, like artistic brushstrokes narrating Marakatt-Labba’s tales. The shirt, with its beautifully hand-painted elegance, becomes a unique work of art, a visual dialogue between tradition and modernity.

Cleofe Finati captures the preciousness of Marakatt-Labba’s art, transforming it into a suit that is more than a garment; it’s a living narrative. The hand-painted parts are not mere ornaments but fragments of ancient stories, connecting Marakatt-Labba’s works to a new chapter through Cleofe Finati’s delicate artistry. Creating this suit thus becomes a continuous celebration, where textile art and painting join in a harmonious dance, conveying cultural heritage and timeless beauty.

The Style

Born in our style office, this couture groom’s suit truly characterizes Cleofe Finati’s Style – “the magic triangle.”

A whole line of fashion collections is inspired by this groom’s suit model, focusing on style and fashion summarized in innovative and contemporary tailoring cuts, giving rise to the line called “the magic triangle,” where the inclination of the pleat meets the inclination of the pocket and the open Korean collar, all lines aimed at lifting the figure upwards

The Jacket

Single-breasted jacket with three buttons, high fastening, and a small single-breasted Korean collar to be worn raised to elongate the body or even lowered. The sleeve lap is high, and the dry sleeve with true buttonholes. Notice the beauty of the opening at the bottom of this groom’s suit, which opens just below the pockets, very slimming for the wearer. A slim-fitting, straight-legged pant.

The Fabric

Let’s explore the soul of the fabric: a 100% silk brocade weaving white warps of different shades of precious ecru silk to warm and straw-colored wefts for a surprising effect of golden white tropical sand. Read the beauty of the volumetric texture through the scratched effect of the wefts on the pattern, as if emulating the effect of ancient wallpapers that tell of a distant past. A second, darker 100% silk brocade for the plastron, combined with a double-chain milk white silk satin. A third pinkish tone mixed with cord and sand personalizes small details such as the waistband, cuffs, and shirt pistachio, emphasizing the brocade of the jacket thanks to its scratched effect achieved only through precious silk threads and the skillful play of needle waste on the loom. Notice the same 100% silk brocade in white and ecru resting on the vest and straight-legged pants with a strap tucked inside in the same sand brocade as the jacket.

The excellence of groom’s suits 100% made in Italy manifests itself in the finishes and offers a surprise lining from the “iris drop” design in the colors that characterize the Luxury line signed by Cleofe Finati.

Notice the color of the fabrics insinuating into the gunmetal galvanic of buttons, pins, and cufflinks and becoming real jewels, refined and personalized details that finish the look in a detailed manner and enhance the colors and designs of the groom’s suit with their cream and ecru tones.
Groom’s suits carefully finished in the choice of groom accessories: a pair of lace-up shoes in ecru and white, in the exact same hues as the groom’s wedding suit, perfectly matched with a cane in light wood with a handle in a game of white chalk tulip. A groom’s suit of pure artistic creation dedicated to a groom in search of a unique and exclusive creation signed by Cleofe Finati.
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