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Avant-garde fashion line
Inspiration: Dandy
Jacket length 63cm

Anemos is the Ego of the Cleofe Finati 2018 fashion collections, a substantial unity between body and soul that draws sophisticated and chic men’s ceremony outfits.





A general sentiment of authenticity opens the Cleofe Finati season, while we observe the development of the themes concentrated on the re-emergence of handcrafted processes. An elevated interest for the textile design sees a continuous exploration of the texture, both through precious silk yarns skilfully interwined in order to create a volume and thanks to the power of the blue colour structured with the strength of the orange for a result with very strong impact from the point of view of the perspective.
A sophisticated refinement delineates the men’s wedding suit; a single-breasted one-button jacket with a plain peak lapel collar, where the upper collar and lapels have the same dimension for a unique and very particular effect. The cuts of the jacket sculpt a flank that renders the figure proportioned and slender, the waistline is accentuated by a horizontal cut and inserted flaps, the armhole is high and the lean sleeves have an open sleeve placket from where we glimpse the cufflinks. We observe the soft and sinuous line that opens up at the pockets to reveal the red glare of the waistcoat. And now we observe the vertical cuts that profile and sculpt the back, giving a sense of verticality that lends proportions to the figure and makes it slender. The two central cuts highlighted by two buttons at the waistline become flaps with concealed buttoning, lending emphasis to the walking movements.
Let’s fall in love with the fabric of the men’s ceremony suit, 100% silk yarns that interwine on a lozenge twill the alternation of white and orange yarns in the weave and white and light blue ones in the warp to give us a false plain coloured coral effect with light blue reflections, a fabric with a volumetric and bright effect, finely matched to the darker variant on the collar, lapels, pockets and breast pocket in perfect harmony with the slender and slim fit trousers that reveal an internal band inserted back in a lighter variant. We read the added value of the fabric through brilliant reflections it assumes thanks to the weaving of two colours in the warp. 
The excellence of men’s wedding outfits 100% made in Italy appears in the finishings and proposes a printed lining in the hues of 2018 trends that, through the “pied de feuille” pattern  exclusively made for Cleofe Finati tells a story. Ancient masculine patterns like the “pied de poule” (houndstooth) belonging to the 19th century Scotland, that contain the figure of a stylised leaf, symbol par excellence of growth, fertility and renewal, to reveal a deeper and concealed soul reflected by the acanthus leaf, acanthòs also called spiny flower. The Greek mythology tells about Apollo, god of Sun, in love with the nymph Acantha enough to transform her into a plant “loved by the Sun”.
“Pied de feuille” lets read inside itself the figure of the nymph Acantha transformed into an acanthus leaf turned forever towards the sun. It symbolises the metamorphosis accomplished through the falling in love, the way towards consciousness of a new self that we don’t know yet. It symbolises big and small gestures that we are ready to accomplish for love, astounding ourselves by what we are able to give and allow us: to love.
We observe now the groom accessories and the refined and fresh taste that draws the fantasies with a vintage essence.
The balance between elegance and irony reaches its highest level thanks to the 100% silk jacquard brocade of a coral waistcoat with shimmering reflections crossed by a delicate white micro polka dots, while the pocket stitching and tape are perfectly matched to the lozenge fabric of the trousers. 
Let’s fall in love with the dandy bow tie in 100% silk coral brocade crossed by light blue and white checked medallion pattern matched to the 100% silk brocade surprised by micro paisley patterns outlined by a thousand stripe horizontal effect.
We observe now the silk (51%) and cotton (49%) milk white satin groom shirt surprised by the variant with chevron prints on the collar, sleeves and back and carefully finished off by the same brocade with checked medallions as the tie on the neckband and inner cuffs. We observe the “pied de feuille” fantasy of the lining penetrate the gunmetal-plated buttons, pins and cufflinks that become real jewels: elegantly customized, they finish off the groom suit in a detailed way and enhance the hues of the men’s wedding outfit by their sandblasted enamels. 
A men’s ceremony outfit finished off with a touch of romanticism by a 100% silk cream white pocketchief upon which we will sculpt our jewel-rose, crowned by a second pocketchief in 100% silk coral red brocade crossed by white medallions perfectly matched to the waist belt and braces.
Men’s wedding outfits accurately finished off in the choice of accessories: a “Manet” straw hat with a coral brocade ribbon with checked medallions and a pair of innovative shoes made in black leather where we can glimpse, through the wingtip detailing on the vamp, the bright reverse side: orange on the toe cap, red through the eyelets from where come out the laces and blue on the heel.
A refined and elegant, but at the same time eccentric and innovative men’s ceremony suit, dedicated to the groom who lives the search for beauty as a pleasant obsession. A groom suit between ancient tailoring tradition and creating, a poetry among the men’s ceremony outfit fashion collections signed Cleofe Finati. 


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