Wedding Couture

Wedding suit model 9.19602 b42 fabric 339 a731/3108

Linea fashion

Fashion line 
INSPIRATION…late 800s early 900s- Dandy
Lenght 74 cm
A men wedding suit impeccable, where the elegance is well expressed in a man’s clothing chic and elegant. 







One of the most innovative men wedding suit that reworks the Charlie Chaplin jacket and that proposes a unique man’s groom couture suit. 
One of the men wedding suit most successful in our past collections.
Observe the line that draws the body and that wraps it, a line that slips in the front jacket and draws the body, shoulder is tight and bandaged, the sleeve ride is firm, the dry-cut sleeve with cuff opened from which appear the cufflinks, a “sculpture jacket” that sculpts. Read the poetry in the back of the men wedding suit the “drawing of the lily”: folders that become slits, cuts that become pure artisanship in the making in at the same time, “emphasis of the body”. 
Observe the fabric of the men wedding suit is and the enchanting game of blue entwined to black notes summarized in a satin, dyed thread, of wool (60%) and silk (40%) for jacket and trousers of the fashion line, slender and dry.
Innovative and at the same time luxuriois the men wedding suit thanks to the brocade of the accessories: floral patterns framed by luxurious acanthus leaves gently posed on clear satin backgrounds 100% silk. 
Observe the beauty of the couture waistcoat embellished by light blue floral patterns and sugar paper, rested on jewel blue backgrounds, in perfect tune with colors of the men wedding suit while a double plastron lightens the face with its satin, 100% silk, optical white, knotted in a variation of the sugar paper brocade, perfeclty matched with the braces. 
Fall in love with the satin shirt of silk (51%) and milky white cotton (49%), embellished by the applications on the interior piping, internal and external wrists in grey-medium brocade, furrowed by light blue floral patterns and sugar paper, just like the waist belt.
For a romantic touch, a double pochette matches the blue brocade to a 100% silk satin, jewel blue that exalts the colors of the men wedding suit.
Vigorous man’s groom suits thanks to the use of the accessories: a litis hat militar style made in the same fabric as the man’s groom suit, matched with a pair laced-up shoes in blue leather with a brushed effect. 
A men wedding suit of great importance, made unique by the high quality of the fabrics and by the attention to the details, a poem by Cleofe Finati. 


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