Wedding Couture

Wedding suit model 9.16025 b42 fabric 1309/1

Linea fashion d'avanguardia

Fashion line avant-garde
Lenght jacket 67 cm

Elegance, light and rigour draw the lines and the choice of materials for a perfect refinery sumamrized in a men wedding suit perfect for the wedding. 







Sober particulars give refinery to the man’s groom suit, fall in love with the sartorial cut that sculpts the single breasted jacket with three buttons closing only on the second, valued by an elegant stuarda neck to wear high or revers. The sleeve ride is high and the sleeve dry cut. A curvy line draws the front jacket revealing the brocade of the waistcoat. Now observe the five vertical cuts that draw and sculpt the back of the jacket giving a sense of verticality that slenders the figure. The two central cuts, highlighted by two jewel buttons on the waist line, become folders with hidden buttoning, giving emphasis to the walk. S jacket that sculpts the figure with style and personality thanks to the lenght of 67 cm.
Jacket and trousers slim made in an enchanting satin wool yard (60%) and silk (40%) black ink. 
Men wedding suit that suggests a luxurious waistcoat with a staright bottom with high neck to be folded like a scraf, brocade 100% silk, a dhiny optical white wrapped by cashmere patterns with vertigo effects for a fresh and young look. 
Men groom suit dedicated to the man that wants to be perfect during the day of the wedding and suggests a double accessory for the neck: for an original and elegant touch, a plastron made of rouge and made in the same brocade silk color beige and chamagne, while for a more relaxed and ironic look, a papillon with double spear.
Observe the brightness of the shirt silk satin (51%) and cotton (49%) white milk, with applications on internal, external piping, inside wrists in the same brocade beige of the plastron. The braces and a handkerchief match perfectly the waistcoat with their optical white brocade, while the waist band and a second handkerchief folded like a rose introduce the limpid satin, 100% silk, pearl white. 
Groom suit finished luxuriously by a hald cylinder hat demi made in the same fabric as the suit and embellished by a borcade band, 100% silk, optical white and a pair of shoes bi color in white and black paint. 
Men wedding suit perfeclty balanced and elegant, at the same time refined and fresh, dedicated to the man who want to look perfect on the wedding day, a unique beauty by exclusive signature Cleofe Finati. 


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