Wedding Couture

Wedding suit model 9.16024 b42 fabric 339 a111/2289

Line Tailcoat
Inspiration: Fushion
Lenght jacket  90 cm

The beauty of this men wedding suit opens up in front of a fashion made of softness and sophistication, of delicate fabrics with soft nuances witha refined, innovative, modern style.






Sober particulars give refinery to a single breasted tailcoat with three buttons, observe the sweet line of the curve that draws the front of the jacket, a sinous line that defines a high neck and with a diagonal pence that gives the possibility of wearing it high or elegantly folded like a scarf. The sleeve ride id high and the sleeve is dry. Observe the delicate line of the groom suit opening at the height of the pockets to reveal the fantasy of waistcoat and waistband couture. And now observe the vertical cuts that draw and sculpt the back giving a sense of verticality that slenders and proportions the figure. The two central cuts hightlighted by two buttons on the waist line, becoming slits with hidden buttoning giving emphasis and movement to the walk.
Note the enchanting charm of the satin blue night elastic, made 98% of wool and enriched by a small percentage elastic (2%) able to make the jacket and trousers slender with the dry cut line, comfortable and performing. 
Deep blue tones offer as a base for the delicate fantasies of the brocade waistcoat and accessories couture reveal a rich waistcoat with a straight bottom, with high neck to wear like a scarf, made in brocade, 100% silk, sand color, with floral fantasies cream and walnut color, while a double plastron with its brocade, 100% silk, introduces a second cashmere fantasy wiyj lancè effect on taffetà bases while walnut milk, knotted with the grey pearl and hemerald variant. Waistband and braces re-elaborate the same brocade of the plastron, introducing coffee color reflexes to the palette. 
A unique men wedding suit that proposes a sophisticated shirt in silk satin (51%) and cotton (49%), admire the elegance given by the diplomatic neck and the brocade of the waistcoat, in grey mineral tones. 
A men groom suit completed by a romantic touch by a double pochette in satin cream white, 100% silk, crowned by a second sand color tissue in the same silk brocade as the plastron, band and braces. 
Mans groom suit finished by a half cylinder hat demi embellished by a band made in the same silk brocade as the waistcoat, matched to a pair of linear shaped shoes, in blue leather, metallic effect.
The attention for details and the sartorial cuts ensure the perfect vestibility and an undying style for this man’s groom suit extremely refined and elegant. Cleofe Finati masterpiece. 


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Dimitri Van Schoor


Dimitri Van Schoor

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Alvise Fachinetti


Alvise Fachinetti

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Alvise Fachinetti

Alvise Fachinetti


Alvise Fachinetti

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