Wedding Couture

Wedding suit model 9.15004 b42 fabric 663 a002/b272

Fashion Line
INSPIRATION… year 1919
Lenght 68 cm

A men couture suit impeccable, in which the elegance is well expressed in the men wedding suit curated and chic.






Observe the single breasted line of the jacket with the buttons revers neck and rounded background, drawn by a sinuous curvy line. Man’s groom suit with tight shoulder, high sleeve ride with dry cut sleeve embellsihed with four buttons on the bottom with open slots, wrapping back and an elegant lenght, matching the slender and dry cut trousers.
Men groom suit made in the enchanting brushed satin 100% wool in the pacific blue color. 
Observe how the colots of the man’s groom suit are exalted by the couture waistcoat in brocade, 100% silk in silver, paisley pacific blue and white floral drawings, matching a breast pocket that, with a romantic touch, crowns a second satin pochette in silk (51%) and cotton (49%) millky white, on which to sculpt our jewel-rose. 
A double plastron brightens the palette with a limpid satin, 100% gret moonlightt silk, knotted by the brocade. 100% silk, pacific blue ton sur ton, brihtened by tiny white notes. Observe the waistband and braces re-eleaborate the same brocade, leaning delicately on yhe paisley blue and white designs on black ink backrounds, in a perfect match with the inside, outside piping and inside wrists of a shiny satin silk shirt (51%) and cotton (49%) milky white. 
The accessories detail the men wedding suit with style and personality, observe the same pacific blue of the man’s groom suit in the lace-less shoes in eel leather, of a simple and sophisticated line and the “blue” night blue, felt hat. 
 A man’s groom suit elegant and chic, to wear with a casual elegance. A man’s wedding suit refined with taste and personality, pure elegance made of details with the signature Cleofe Finati. 


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