Wedding Couture

Wedding suit model 9.15003 b09 fabric 139 a370/008

Fashion Line
INSPIRATION… year 1919
Lenght 68 cm

One of the most sophisticated and calibrated ceremony suit, able to combine taste and character through a mic-match of fantasies and colors typical of the male wardrobe.







A refined search draws the single-breasted jacket with two buttons hight stuarda neck to wear high to slender the body or low on revers, with sleeve ride hight and dry sleeve with open piping from which appear the cufflinks. Observe the sinouos line that draws the body and wraps it, the line that escapes on the front jacker opening at the height of the belt revealing sleder trousers and dry-cut. Read the poetry in the back of the men wedding suit, the “lily drawing.” Folders become straps, cuts that become pure artisanship in the creation “emphasis of the body.” Observe the fabric of the man’s groom suit, a shiny satin Havana color, wool (60%) and silk (40%) for jacket and trousers from the fashion line slender and dry-cut.

Fall in love with the preciousness of the brocades of the couture waistcoat and accessories, a jacquard drawing unique, made with our forge and inspired by material brushes, a rich brocade structured and with triple plot, 100% silk with armour effects that give chromatic games and joints with the marble effect.

Observe how the colors of the men wedding suit are exalted by the couture blue lapis waistcoat brightened by the Havana color. A pocket pochette perfeclty matching the waistcoat, crowns a second satin pochette 100% silk Havana color, on which to sculpt our jewel-rose for a romantic touch.

A double plastron enlightens the palette with its satin, 100% silk, optic white and knotted with the 100% silk brocade Havana color englihtened by golden reflections.

Observe now the brocade, 100% silk, reworked by the waistbelt and braces thorugh blue tints sugar paper, navy blue, blish pink and Havana, in a perfect match with the inside applications, external piping and interior wrists, of a shiny shity in satin silk (51%) and cotton (49%) milky white.

It finishes the man’s groom suit with freshness, a pair of suede shoes sandy-color.

An extremely elegant man’s groom suit, pure artisitc creation dedicated to the groom looking for a unique creation. A wonderful man’s wedding couture suit wonderful signed Cleofe Finati.


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