Wedding Couture

Wedding suit model 9.1218 b42 fabric 1309/19

Fashion Line Avant-Garde

Inspiration…late 800s early 900s -Dandy

Lenght 75cm


Men’s clothing contemporary and chic, made of thin dust and silky shines for a shabby, chic tasting look.






Born in our styling office, this men wedding suit marked a turning point in the ceremony world, changing completely the idea of male.

An actual line of fashion collections inspired by this men suit for ceremony, imprinted on the style and fashion summarized in innovative and contemporary sartorial cuts, the fashion line avant-garde is born.

Single-breasted jacket with three buttons with high lacing and small, single-breasted “stuarda” neck to wear high to slender the body or even low revers. The sleeve ride is high and the dry-cut sleeve with open cuff and stopped by the strap.

We observe the beauty of the back opening of this man’s groom suit that opens at the height of the pockets, glimpsing the belt of the slim, dry-cut trouser.

Observe the back of the man’s ceremony suit which defines the figure, let’s note the two central cuts becoming folders and give emphasis to the walk.

Men wedding suit made in our wool satin (60%) and silk (40%) blue serenity. Fashion collections involved in contemporary and chic nuances, reinforced by the choice of the accessories.

Observe the beauty of the jacquard design 100% silk summarized in thousands of line with a shabby taste, a thousand lines hazelnut color, beige and scorched earth settled on a base sugar paper and wrapped in a blue that clothes the imagination through the effects of web, grainy-looking and semi-vanished from time.

Let’s look at the nuances of the waistcoat delicately matched with the double plastron that, with its jacquard of more delicate and light tones, matches perfeclty the braces and it knots a satin, 100% silk, pearl grey and shiny.

A shit in satin silk (51%) and white cotton (49%), introduces a darker and deeper nuance to the palette with its thousand lines brown head wrapped in blue notes, we find it in the applications of internal, external piping and internal wrist. It matches the waistband and the pocket pochette, observe the particularity of the shirt with the wrist surprised by small pences, which gives the chance to be closed by cufflinks o by small buttons. A second breast pocket pochette with the design og our jewel-rose gives to the man’s ceremony suit a romantic touch and it perfectly matches the waistcoat.

A men wedding suit made for the groom who wants to be always impeccable during the day of the wedding, it offers a double dandy papillon combined to the plastron, to create a more casual look.

The final detail for the man’s ceremony suit is a pair of suede loafers in the perfect colors of the man’s couture groom suit and a “demi” half-cylinder hat in blue felt with a band made of the same fabric as the waistcoat.


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