Wedding Couture

Wedding suit model 9.12001 b42 fabric 339 a264/6390

Fashion Line
INSPIRATION..late 800s eraly 900s –Dandy
Lenght 71 cm

Perfect combination between art, fashion and culture, elevated by the value of the unique and exclusive fabrics, it appears in this man’s groom suit. An impeccable man’s groom suit, in which elegance is expressed by a male outfit curated and chic.







Observe the jacket line single breated, with two buttons with revers neck and spear tip, the back is rounded, drawn by a curvy line. Men wedding suit with tight shoulder, high sleeve ride, with dry sleeve embellished by four buttons on the background, wrapping back and an elegant lenght, matched to the trousers with a slender and dry line. 
Fall in fall with the fabric of the man’s ceremony suit, a seersucker renovated by the precious wool yarn (wv99% ea1%) and the wool makes this luxurious and gives the interpretation to this classic fabric, observe in the white cream variant for the jacket, perfecly matched with the night blue variant on the waistcoat and trousers. 
Notice the resurfacing of pattern interpreted in freedom belonging to the fascinating art world and in particular to the famous piece “The Kiss” by Klimt. 
Romantic without being sugary, modern without looking irrecognizable, the painting “The Kiss” portrays two lovers in a tight hug, the man leaning to kiss the woman, in an abstract and ethereal place. 
Cleofe Finati interprets the language of Klimt’s pieces thorugh four main allover patterns: “The kiss of lovers” the representation of the two lovers; “The rectangles of love”, hard and spiky shapes, such as the rectabgles, inherent to the male world, “The spiral of the soul”, soft and curvy shapes with reference to the female world; symbol of sweetness, beauty and of flowery perfume, the micro design “flower blown”. 
Men wedding suit dedicated to those who love creating shock and sees a waistcoat seersucker night blue with the brocade back 100% silk, a thin white optical trait suggests the drawing “The kiss of lovers” on satin night blue backs and suggests the inside of a precious seven fold tie 100% silk, night blue furrowed by the drawing “The spiral of soul” white optic. Man’s groom suit made for the groom who wants to be impeccable during the day of thw wedding and offers a papillon in double spear, made in the match of the tie fabrics, to adopt a more casual look and be always impeccable during the day. 
Waistbelt and braces introduce the drawing “the rectangles of love” white optic on satin night blue background, brocade, 100% silk. 
Admire the shirt of the man’s couture groom suit that reveals in the front and in the inside of the wrists the micro fantasy of the drawing “flower blown” white on night blue, in brocade 100% silk, emphasized by a candid white cotton on neck, back and sleeves. 
For a romantic touch, a double pochette for pocket, on which we will design our rose-jewel, perfectly combined with the brocade of the shirt, inverting the colors with its micro fantasy “flower blown” night blue on white emphasized by a second pochette 100% silk night blue. 
 It details and finishes the men wedding suit, a pair laced-up shoes in blue leather with a brushed effect and a coppola in the same seersucker as the jacket.  
Fashion collections perfectly balanced in the lines and in the fabrics, man’s groom suit of pure magic that encloses a rich soul in creating, pure poetry by Cleofe Finati.  


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